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Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend

Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend

Description: Get ready for some martial arts fighting in this action-packed game starring the incomparable Bruce Lee. The unusual, movie-like premise has Bruce Lee starring as Hai Feng, the student of a great martial artist. After the death of his master, Hai Feng sets out to find the killers. To do so, he must infiltrate a sinister organization. His quest will lead him across the world and he'll have to fight a multitude of enemies. Hai Feng's martial-arts expertise will definitely help with the numerous enemies he'll encounter. He's quick, he's nimble, and he has an impressive array of punishing moves: punches, kicks, blocks, back punches, split kicks, and more! The controls are easy to pick up and learn. Whether you're duking it out with a gang of thugs or avoiding obstacles, the movement is smooth and very responsive. Some of the advanced moves, such as wall kicks, are more difficult to pull off, but most players will get the hang of them fairly quickly. Even with all the great action, there's still more. At the beginning of the game, you can choose from two outfits for Hai Feng to dress in. As you play the game, more become available. Intriguingly, there's a mysterious mode called Director's Cut to unlock. You can also play a Time Challenge mode. Detailed cut-scenes between acts reveal more of the story. Colorful backgrounds breathe life into locations ranging from small Chinese villages to big U.S. cities. The animation is superb. Hai Feng's movement is very smooth and fluid. With great play control, nice graphics and animation and the legendary Bruce Lee, this game has quite a lot to offer. Fans of action games will enjoy the fast-paced gameplay.

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