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Wizardry: The Summoning

Wizardry: The Summoning

Description: In an unknown land during an unknown time…A King has become deathly ill, a princess has gone missing and an entire kingdom lives in fear. Beyond the high walls of the castle is a forbidding place known as the Labyrinth, a gateway to a world of darkness and evil far beyond mankind's understanding. Somewhere among the cold, stained walls is a forgotten relic called the Ossacaptis, a magical artifact that can heal a King and restore a kingdom. You are an adventurer, a master of steel and magic. You are driven by a hunger for wealth and honor, but in your heart you know that you can also create a better world for the people. You summon your strength to defeat armored foes. You summon your magic to heal fallen companions. And in this desperate hour you must summon something barely within your control: the demonic creatures of the underworld.

Cheat Codes

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