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Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem

Description: Marshall your forces and draw your steel--the legendary Fire Emblem series has arrived on the Game Boy Advance! Fire Emblem's addictive combination of strategy and role-playing has made the series a massive hit in Japan since the 8-bit days of the NES. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, the designers of Advance Wars, have teamed up to bring gamers outside Japan an all-new Fire Emblem game. Put your skills as a military strategist to the ultimate test on the field of battle! Features * Defend against usurpers and assassins as you aid young lords on their quest against evil. * Assume control of a diverse and powerful army of soldiers loyal to your cause. * Each character possesses a unique personality. Characters with special bonds can give each other support. * Persuade powerful enemy heroes to leave their evil armies and join your growing cause. * Over 20 character classes, including Cavalier, Mage, Pirate and Druid. Once a character reaches level 10, they can be upgraded to elite classes like General and Sniper. * Manage your troops wisely--if they fall in battle, they're gone for good! * Use terrain and defensive positions to your advantage as you fight across hostile lands.

Cheat Codes

Unlock Hidden Characters

  • Guy: Talk to him with Matthew.
  • Erk: Talk to him with Serra.
  • Priscilla: Go to the village in the same level with Erk.
  • Raven: Talk to him with Priscilla.
  • Lucius: Talk to him with Raven.
  • Fiora: Talk to her with Florina.
  • Rath: Talk to him with Lyn.
  • Hawkeye: Talk to him with Eliwood.
  • Wallace: Talk to him with Lyn, Kent, Sain, Wil, or Florina.
  • Geizt: Talk to him with Dart.
  • Vaida: Talk to her with Eliwood.
  • Renault: Go to the ruins in the top left corner of Chapter 30.

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