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Gameboy Hints & Cheat Codes

Super Robot Taisen A

Description: Super Robot Taisen A for the gba

Cheat Codes

Super Saiyan:
In the one of the first levels that your base suffers damage before the battle starts (where a Super Saiyan with 20,000 HP attacks your base and does heavy damage), a Super Saiyan of your own appears. Power him up to the maximum, and in later levels, when there are many tough enemies to defeat, send him out on his own and hammer them. They usually have no chance of hurting him, as he dodges and sometimes disappears even when the enemy has a 100% of hitting him. If they do hit him, most enemies (except in the last five levels), do 10 damage to him. When fused with the horse later, he has 9,000 HP. When he attacks, he deals a maximum of about 22,000 HP with his most powerful move.


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