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Mech Platoon

Mech Platoon

Description: Listen up men! I know the rock we're orbiting doesn't look like much, but it's rich with natural resources that must never fall into emeny hands! Our mission is to land, build a base and develop a military powerhouse that will make your mamas proud. We're going to hit hard, we're going to build fast and nothing wil move unless I give it permission. Understood? Move out! KEMCO's Mech Platoon is the first real-time strategy (RTS) game for a portable game system. Before you can control a planet, you need to build an army by finding resources and developing a secure base. While tranditional RTS games make you mine and refine, Mech Platoon commanders can salvage parts off of abandoned or destroyed enemy units and build their own distinct secret weapons. Do you have what it takes to rule a world?

Cheat Codes

Ending bonus
Successfully complete the game with any army after you have 90 to 100% database completion to unlock a "bonus" tank/mech for each victory (for example, the Truck, all the bugs/monsters, a Labor unit refitted for combat, and the Veper).


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