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Gameboy Hints & Cheat Codes
F-Zero Maximum Velocity

F-Zero Maximum Velocity

Description: How about a little frictionless racing? F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, based on the groundbreaking game for the Super NES, puts you in the cockpit of a futuristic hovercraft racer. Using the Game Boy Advance's shoulder buttons to steer, players will slide through curves and around obstacles as they hurtle their high-speed, low-gravity racers across the finish line. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity incorporates never-before-seen tracks and vehicles into the traditional mix of speed pads and jumps. Best of all, up to four Game Boy Advance units can be networked via the separately sold communication cable for head-to-head racing.

Cheat Codes

Cheat menu
To get to the cheat menu you have to go to the vehicle selection in grand prix and press l,r start r,l select.

Get Super-Car
View Game Demo Mode 50 times by pressing select on the title screen then beat championship mode 255 times. You must have all other cars to do this.

Sly Joker car
Win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks on the standard difficulty setting to unlock the Sly Joker car.

Falcon MK-II car
Win any set of tracks on the expert difficulty setting to unlock the Falcon MK-II car.

Fighting Comet car
Win the Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Queen tracks on the master difficulty setting to unlock the Fighting Comet car.

Silver Thunder car
Win the Queen tracks on the expert difficulty setting to unlock the Silver Thunder car.

Stingray car
Win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks on the expert difficulty setting to unlock the Stingray car.

Jet Vermilion car
There are two different ways you can unlock the Jet Vermilion car. One is to unlock all other cars and complete championship mode 255 times. The other is to complete every series on Master Class with all other racers.

Master difficulty setting
Win the Pawn, Knight, or Bishop series on the expert difficulty setting in grand prix mode to unlock the master difficulty for that series.

Demonstration mode
At the title screen, press Select.

In-game reset
While playing a game, press Select + Start + A + B.

Delete saved games
Hold L + R and turn on the Game Boy Advance. Select "Yes" at the prompt to delete your game saves.


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