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Digimon Battle Spirit

Digimon Battle Spirit

Description: Are you the tamer with the skills to save the world? Find out in this side-scrolling fighter from Bandai. Seven Digimon from the TV series are available from the outset. Each has unique strengths. With good all-around powers, Guilmon is best for beginners, while Terriermon has excellent distance attacks and Renamon is the quickest of the lot. Additional characters can be unlocked. Calumon is an enigmatic Digimon that helps your character to Digivolve. You can also fling items such as baseballs, cannonballs and lightning strikes at opponents. D-Spirit balls will appear briefly throughout a match. Victory or defeat depends on your ability to grab as many of these as possible. Single-player mode is essentially a ladder that begins with a weak opponent in Origin Town. You'll battle Agumon while avoiding scurrying Gotsumon in Ancient Shrine, dodge Renamon's quicksilver attacks at Oriental Gate and square off against Guilmon at Volcanic Island. You must overcome each area's unique hazards if you want to save the world. For more Digimon action you can link and fight with a friend.

Cheat Codes

Unlock Impmon
Defeat the Impmon character and complete the entire game with 300 D-Spirit or greater.


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