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Chu Chu Rocket

Chu Chu Rocket

Description: Sega's first online title, ChuChu Rocket, is once again a pioneer as Sega's first multi-platform game. ChuChu Rocket! for Game Boy Advance has tons of new puzzles, new gameplay features, and you can still play against three of your friends. In this Sonic Team addictive puzzler, you've got to keep those big hungry cats away from the mice (ChuChus). Direct the frantic little creatures toward your rocket with arrows and you'll rack up big points. If you manage to keep the ferocious felines at bay, your rocket will take to the skies as the winner! But all will be lost if one of cats infiltrates your great space ship.

Cheat Codes

Mania mode
Successfully complete the special puzzles to unlock mania mode in 1P puzzle mode.

Faster credits
Hold B to make the credits scroll faster.

Hard mode
Successfully complete all normal stages in puzzle mode to unlock the hard puzzles in 1P puzzle mode. Special mode Successfully complete the hard puzzles to unlock the special puzzles in 1P puzzle mode.


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