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CT Special Forces

CT Special Forces

Description: You are a part of the CTSF unit, the elite Counter-Terrorist Special Forces commando and have all the necessary means for putting an end to the threat of terrorism. Your team is made up of experts, men who are highly trained, heavily armed and ready to intervene in all the world’s hot spots. The first member of the team specializes in urban interventions and is a parachutist. With an ultra-modern arsenal and sophisticated equipment, the second team member has perfect self-control in all situations, can survive extreme climates dressed in “jungle” camouflage, and meets all the demands of CTSF infiltration missions. Last, an attack helicopter pilot will accompany you to offer support in the most perilous missions. His specialty: surgical strikes… They will know how to win this unforgiving battle! CT Special Forces offers players a set of moves that have never before been seen on Game Boy Advance! In platform-action mode (ground missions) and shoot’em-up mode aboard an Apache Helicopter, you will plunge into the fascinating world of counter-terrorism by moving through up to 12 different levels. You will be sent to the ends of the earth on top secret missions, from the disquieting humidity of the equatorial jungle to a city in siege, through treacherous, snow-covered mountains and the heart of the desert. You are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art weapons, from your assault rifle with laser scope to a rocket launcher that can pass through the strongest armor plating (tanks, etc.). Don’t hesitate to use your laser scope to improve your marksmanship in high-risk areas and use your compressed air grappling hook to hoist yourself to safety in an ambush. Finally, throw yourself into the void in freefall, then open your parachute to arrive in other battle zones. But be careful, the terrorists and their leaders are equally well equipped: they have a state-of-the-art arsenal and perfectly adapted vehicles (tanks, jeeps, helicopters) to bring your mission to an untimely end and endanger the future of the world. You can capture and handcuff the leaders of these organizations and let justice reign! Multiplayer mode lets 2 players play as a team in real-time for even more action.

Cheat Codes

Special characters:
Enter 0202 as a password.

Level -- Password
2 -- 1608
3 -- 2111
End -- 1705


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