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Gameboy Hints & Cheat Codes
Bubble Bobble Old And New

Bubble Bobble Old And New

Description: No one has ever been able to say just why Bubble Bobble is so much fun, but its mixture of cute baby dinosaurs, candy, and bubbles should give those new to the game an idea. Battle your way through over 100 levels of frantic bubble mayhem. Capture your enemies in bubbles then pop them with your spiky back to clear each stage. Find your way to the bottom of the 100-level cave and save a damsel in distress! Fortunately, if you've never experienced the glee for yourself, all of those elements are back in force in Bubble Bobble Old & New for Game Boy Advance.

Cheat Codes

Bonus items:
Enter one of the following initials at the high score screen, then start a new game to unlock the following items and effects.

Beer mug (pizza instead of bubbles)
Enter KTT as initials.
Flamingo (pink worms instead of bubbles)
Enter STR as initials.
Fork (enemies turn into fruit)
Enter SEX as initials.
Knife (enemies turn into various items)
Enter ... as initials.
Octopus (wooden stakes instead of bubbles)
Enter TAK as initials.
Soda can (enemies turn into various items)
Enter I.F, KIM, MTJ, NSO, or YSH as initials.


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