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All-Star Baseball 2003

All-Star Baseball 2003

Description: All 30 Major League teams and over 700 players all with official stadiums, logos and uniforms. Incredible depth with 6 game modes: Exhibition, Quick Play, All-Star Game, Series, Home Run Derby and Batting Practice. Official in-game Plalyer Trading Cards (64 cards total). Earn these cards by achieving certain goals throughout play, i.e. hitting 4 homers in one game. Trade and view these cards via link cable. Animated scoreboards. Battery back-up save game feature. The Season option allows the player to select a team and guide it through a season of baseball. A full season consists of 162 games, some against opponents in your league, and also teams in other leagues. However you can elect to play one of the other season mode variations. These include 162 Games Unbalanced, 162 games unbalanced, non-interleague, 81 Games (half season), 3 game league (round robin), 1 game league (round robin), 87 game round robin, and 29 game round robin. As a full season consists of 162 games, it is possible to save your season using the battery backup ram. The current progress can be saved after every game either manually or automatically.

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