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Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch

Description: The game takes place shortly after the conclusion of the film. Stitch is living happily with Lilo and her family. The galaxy seems peaceful until two Aliens attack Stitch on the Beach, grab Lilo and race off into the rain forest. Stitch discovers what happened pulling out his guns: he is ready for action! He flies off into space to rescue Lilo who has been captured by Bounty Hunter Bob. - In the meantime, Lilo has to escape from an enclosed and controlled environment designed specifically for mosquitoes. As she explores this area, mosquitoes are becoming more aggressive. Lilo must escape before she becomes mutant mosquito lunch. But she's not alone and she is determined to release as many imprisoned aliens as she can while she makes her own escape from the ship back to Stitch. Stitch will pilot his ship to a distant planet in search of Lilo. When he lands on the Junkyard planet, he finds the empty Universal Express Mini Pod. A friendly alien NPC tells him that a space carrier ejected this piece of garbage a few minutes ago. Stitch then must make his way to the other side of the dump to find a new Star Cruiser. -When Stitch and Lilo finally find each other, the adventure is over. Almost. Together they travel through an Alien City in search of a way home to Hawaii. However, Dr. Pestus, the Skeeter King has arrived with his troopers to reclaim his prize prey. In the last Boss battle, Stitch and Lilo work together aboard a Bi-Ped tank to defeat Dr. Pestus

Cheat Codes

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