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Free Running

Free Running

Description: Free Running is a completely unique game based on the alternative sport of Free Running, or Parkour. Free Running is the art of urban acrobatics where 'Free Runners' perform movements and tricks utilizing structures within urban environments. Free Running itself does incorporate techniques and movements from Parkour, but the philosophy is vastly different. Free Running allows you to go absolutely anywhere within specially designed environments. You are presented with over 60 unique challenges, within 10 levels, spread over 3 environments; Urban Jungle, Docklands and Inner City. Throughout the game you need to maintain your Flow and Sprint meters and, at the same time, be precise in your timings when you leap, jump, balance and run! The Wii version, have been enhanced and unique twists added. The physicality of Free Running has been thoroughly captured with the Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers. Flicking, pointing and swinging the controllers at the precise place at the precise time will fully immerse you into the action, drama and suspense, and once you've nailed the timings, performing the tricks and moves becomes second nature. The game includes 9 different single and multiplayer modes in a completely 3D, free-roaming world allowing you to go anywhere and climb anything. Featuring Free Running creator Sebastian Faucon as well as other top free runners that can be unlocked along with a variety of clothes, music, tricks and moves. Free Running is a unique game that will appeal to extreme and alternative sports fans as well as gamers in general.

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